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The Power of Women and Children (PWC)

Tshepisong is a relatively new settlement of around 800,000 people in the southern part of Johannesburg. The area is desperately lacking in services and facilities and most of the residents are living in poverty.

Like so many communities, this one is dominated by women and children. It is estimated that up to 45% of the women may be HIV positive, and many of the children are orphans. The Power of Women and Children (PWC) look after many of these orphans, whether or not they are HIV Positive.

PWC has initiated a number of programs in the area, including a Day Care Centre to look after orphans and a Home Base Care program for people who are HIV patients. Counselling, feeding, and cleaning/bathing/washing services are provided to orphans and affected children, as well as to adult patients. All of the patients live within their communities in Tshipesong, having been discharged from the nearby Leratong Hospital.

Day Care Centre funded by Soweto Connection and Irish Aid 

In 2007 we secured Irish Aid funding for a new daycare centre for Power of Women and Children in Tshepisong. The centre is now operating within the community as an orphanage and day care centre.

There are currently 11 children in full-time care at the Centre and a further 25 who attend daily. All are affected by HIV/AIDS either directly or indirectly; most have lost one or both parents, and while the care needs of the day-care children are not as great as those in full-time care, many require medication and nutrition. They also receive basic preparation to enable them to start attending school when they are old enough.

Soweto Connection provides funding every month to support the care and education of orphans at the Centre. Along with other donations - including a weekly supply of bread from a shop in a nearby town - this helps to keep the Centre going at present. However PWC’s long term goal is to make the project self-supporting and sustainable by opening their own bakery and training local women to work there. In the entire township there is currently not a single bakery to meet the needs of the 300,000 or so people living there. Everything has to be brought in to the small roadside shops, or bought by people working in Johannesburg or the nearby towns.

PWC would dearly love to provide care for more of the needy children in Tshepisong, but their capacity is limited. In the coming months they hope to build additional toilets and other facilities which will allow them to care for more children.


Soweto Connection raises funds in Ireland for South African community-based groups that are working with people affected by HIV/AIDS. The money collected makes urgent treatment available to HIV/AIDS patients, provides home-based care to sufferers, and assists in HIV/AIDS prevention services.

All donations are gratefully accepted, and all money goes directly to helping AIDs victims and their families.